KateR (pooplord) wrote,

on the spelling of "flyer" (warning: contains quotes from the movie CLASS ACT)

Not really sure why I was thinking about this yesterday, but I finally figured out a way to articulate my preference for spelling the word "flyer" with a Y, versus with an I, which just looks wrong.

In my house, we recently had to install a washer and dryer. A dryer is something that dries. When it dries whatever it is drying, said objects emerge from the dryer DRIER than they were.

Therefore, a flyer is something that flies. If it were spelled "flier," it would obviously be in reference to someone who is dressed better than someone else.


Kid: "Okay, so would I 'be fly' on a plane to New York?"

Play: "Depends on what you be wearin'!"

Important editor's note re: her extreme level of whiteness -- the editor had to look up which one was Kid and which one was Play, although it may be at least slightly important to note that her initial guess was correct.


Then again, a town crier is one who cries. Unless you're talking about Jon Cryer. And then there are pliers.

I give up.
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