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I can't shake it... I can't shake the nerd in me. Or the geek, or the square, or whatever childhood holdover it is who still cares what grades I get in grad school. Of course, I'm just taking a prerequisite right now and I *have* to get a B, or it won't count. The professor said he'd post our project grades by the end of the day yesterday, and we have our final today (early, thank god... quite excited to be done with this class and reclaim just a pittance of my life, or a smidge, or a what have you). Great, because I know I have a 57 out of 60 in the class so far, and the 20 project points and the 20 points for the final are the wildcards. The max I could get on the project would be an 86, because we only got a 36 out of the first 50 points of the hundred total. The more likely grade I am anticipating is closer to a 70.

Why I'm even worrying about this is a complete moot point. I wasn't going to put more effort into studying than I did last night regardless of whether I'd found out my grade or not. I know the material, to a point. I wouldn't think I'd been successful in the class so far if I didn't. This is why I never studied for tests in high school or even usually in college... if you don't know the material, why even bother? The only possible exception I might make for this would be something like law school where obviously you have to absorb a lot of information and know it by heart, but you also end up studying a lot of obscure shit that holds no relevance. Okay, so maybe I studied for math tests once I got to functions and calc, which I view as holding the same water as obscure legal knickknackery.

Shifting gears, why do we say "by heart" when we mean "by mind"? Any Ts on the Myers-Briggs scale admit to never using this phrase? Maybe we Feeling weenies (yes I just said "feeling weenies") want to think (or feel...) -- to believe so badly in our heart of hearts (!!! there it goes again) -- that when you know something, truly know it, you don't just have it memorized and stored and compartmentalized, but you FEEL IT IN YOUR BONES. Which is a stupid phrase, by the way, because you're not dumping memory into your marrow.
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