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a rant about doing group projects with undergrads

So angry. Very unlike me, but at a loss for words. Not even using complete sentences at this point, apparently.

A bit of catch-up: I'm currently enrolled in a graduate program at GW for Information Systems Technology. I have to take two prereqs, one in systems development and one in databases, because I don't have a lot of hands-on experience with this stuff, or at least not enough to trust myself to test out of having to take these courses. Plus, I like to learn, right? Right. So I've been in a class this semester with undergrads, and we have to do a group project.

The presentation of our project is tomorrow. We've had three phases of the project so far, and deadlines for turning in certain deliverables (dear lord, kill me for using that word). We've turned in what I consider to be pretty crappy work, and we've gotten better grades than I expected. I've spent several hours on each phase of the project and I started a Google Group to discuss what we were all going to be working on and share files with one another.

Rant time: I have the shittiest group in the entire class. The professor tried to match up people with different skills, but we ended up with is a guy who appears to have some technical knowledge but is kind of a slacker (that said, he is helping me a lot with the final phase and the project presentation, which is very kind of him); a girl who seems to have a great deal of knowledge and knack for technical stuff and even has some of her own independent ideas about how we should do things, but FORGOT to turn in the third phase of our project even after I told her the professor was being lenient and giving us an extra day or two to complete it due to her grueling midterm schedule; a guy who is absolutely 100% mentally retarded (sorry, campaign to end the R word, etc., but I am not politically correct, so please fuck off presently) and I have no idea why he is even enrolled in a program of this nature, because he seems to also be an undergrad even though he can't be a day younger than 40; and me, a generalist with some skills, including being able to write my way out of a paper bag and do some web programming and other shit here and there as I need to learn it.

I became the de facto group leader, big surprise, so I've been like the group mom even though I haven't really wanted to be. The worst part about this is I have nearly 100% in the rest of the class, so this project, which counts for 20% of my grade, frankly doesn't matter as long as I do well on our final, which is this Thursday (I got a 38 out of 40 on the last test and this test covers a lot of the same material). What I'm trying to say is that I don't really give a shit about our project grade. Forgive me. But we still have to present our system to the class, and I don't want us to look like total idiots/jerks, so I made a quick mock-up of part of the system that works and looks good and we're going to present it and hopefully get like a 50% because I REALLY DON'T CARE.

Also, on April 7, I sent a message to the group through Google Groups dictating exactly what everybody should do for the final phase, since we had done a poor job of planning thus far. Retarded guy emails me yesterday morning asking if I could resend the email in which I said what he should be working on. I said, it's posted to the Google Group. He emails me fifteen minutes ago (less than 24 hours before our presentation) and says he can't find it. This is the same guy who actually didn't know how to log in to Google Groups and didn't log in for two or three weeks because he couldn't figure it out and didn't figure it out during that time. HE IS ENROLLED IN AN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY PROGRAM.

Whew. Okay. Wish me luck on the test, I guess, because this ship is motherfucking sinking.
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