KateR (pooplord) wrote,

So I suppose I don't post much on here anymore. Since my last entry was about my Feb. 21 food poisoning debacle (almost wrote "foo poisoning"... like what I feel looking at Dave Grohl these days), I'll use this opportunity to point out that I have received my bills, they are high and annoying but manageable, and if I go to the ER again this year for whatever reason, I will not have to pay nearly as much because I have almost met my yearly deductible. They did a helpful breakdown of costs on the back... turns out I was "class 4" on a 1 to 5 and then critical scale. GOOD TO KNOW! Jeez. I guess it's a good thing I went to the hospital. Of course, the higher the class/closer to critical you are, the more expensive your bills.
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