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FOOLED YOU! This is a post about Gmail (hopefully an entertaining one).

When Gmail rolled out its new themes several weeks ago, I picked one and also changed my language to German, because I particularly enjoy reading websites in German. However, I took German for exactly one semester in college and have no vocabulary whatsoever and only a very rudimentary understanding of the language, so it involves a lot of guesswork. "Which one is discard and which is send? FUCK!" Needless to say, I changed it back to English after about a week or so. Maybe two, I think I tried to persevere a little too long (immersion will help, I thought! but no).

So I'm deleting some messages from my Inbox and I notice that the little message at the top tells me that they have been moved to the Bin. I think, holy crap, Gmail must be changing their branding of "Trash" to "Bin"! How cute. I wonder what the theory behind that was. So I tell Jesse about it, and he says his doesn't say it. I surmise that they must be rolling it out and haven't gotten to him yet.

And then I remember that when I changed my settings from German to English, I decided to be obtuse for no reason, as per pretty much always, and I chose "British English" instead of "American English." To date, I hadn't noticed any differences. Totally ignored the "Bin" thing until just now. Yep.

Hooray, that's my story!
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