KateR (pooplord) wrote,

oh, cappuccino.

I played cello for 75 minutes this morning at an 8am event at a university that is not the one I work at (or attend, starting in a month). I walked to work after that and got some Illy coffee. I stupidly asked for a "tall cappuccino," which led to a tsk tsk and raising of the eyebrows from the weird-looking guy serving me, I think he was one of the managers. I immediately backpedaled and said SMALL, SMALL, you know I mean small! Ha. To think, I used to refuse to use Starbucks terminology, but now it's ingrained or something. Thjose fjuckers. (that's Njorwjegian in case you're wondering)

He said it would've been okay if I'd specified two shots, three shots, or four shots (!!!) and I said, "Oh, that's why Illy's so much better than Starbucks -- they put two shots in all their small drinks, whereas Starbucks only uses one. I used to work for barnesandnobleservingstarbuckscoffee ten years ago and they actually instructed us to THROW AWAY THE EXTRA SHOT." True story. Maybe if you were making two small drinks at the same time, you could use one in each because then it would still be fresh enough. The standards weren't as exacting at barnesandnobleservingstarbuckscoffee back in the day when it wasn't a completely separate Starbucks entity like it seems to be now. We didn't even serve macchiatos or anything more complicated than "regular" espresso drinks (latte, cappuccino, mocha) and Frappuccinos, which were brand new and all the fucking rage. People would get so pissed when they brought in Starbucks coupons cut out of the newspaper and weren't able to redeem them for drinks we couldn't make.

What is the point of all this? I just drank the better part of my SMALL cappuccino with two shots by default and now I am even more tired than I was before. Make this day be over please. Thank you. I'm typing with my head leaned back and my eyes closed. Any typos? None so far. Shit, now it seems extra bright in here. Devolving into this kind of nonsense usually ensures that an entry will get zero responses. Tsk tsk!
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