KateR (pooplord) wrote,

not dead yet

Got into grad school... word. Immediately had to pony up 300 bucks. Need to familiarize myself with tuition remission forms pronto! Hoping my advisor will contact me soon to discuss whether or not I need the prereqs.

In other news, the Greek guy I go to for watchbands and batteries and such is so fantastic. First, he's great at what he does, definitely has a passion for and deep understanding of watch and clock mechanisms of all kinds. Plus he showers me with compliments every time I'm in there, talking about how lucky my husband is and how our children are going to be knockouts, at least if they're girls. It's not too creepy because he's married and talks about his kids a lot too, and his wife's constant renovation of their condo, plus I'm setting a double standard because he's not a gross creepy mustachioed Greek guy, he's an oldish wiry fair-haired beardo with those cute little bifocals that one wears when one's profession involves staring at things close up. And he's not too sycophantic either, as the first time I came in he said I would look better with darker hair. Or lighter hair. I'm not sure. Shit.
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