KateR (pooplord) wrote,

and other reasons I am a huge dork

We were watching Jeopardy at the beach and one of the clues they gave was incorrect. They said "In this activity, 'a' is made with the left pinky, and 'j', the right pinky." There was kind of a dumb guy in the middle (how did he get on Jeopardy? jesus) who answered, "What is sign language," which admittedly was the first thing I thought of as well even though it doesn't make sense. The correct answer, which nobody got, was "What is typing." Uh, duh, "j" is made with the right pointer finger, not pinky. I didn't need to look at a keyboard to know that. How are we supposed to win Jeopardy if the clues are wrong? How can the children learn to read if they can't even fit in the building?
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